Our Community

We provide the community with skills for life by improving health, work, leisure, vocational access and opportunities in farm-based activities.

Our Offerings

At Gadara we promote healthy lifestyles for locals around the Peninsula, and old school farming techniques, to apply in their own gardens and hobby farms. Sarah is experienced in the human therapy field and enables people to work on, and access the farm, with support if required, contributing to Gadara’s mindful farming methods for wellbeing outcomes.

As well as offering the farm to Barefoot Therapists for Animal Assisted Treatment and Horticulture Therapies for children, Gadara Farm also provides space for the following services.


Animal Assisted Treatment and Learning

Sarah Munn Therapy Teachings offers a range of training and clinical supervision opportunities including working with farm animals, the farm environment and equine assisted services. Please see our website www.sarahmunn.com.au for more information and to book into our professional development offerings.


Equine Reiki

Sarah Munn is a Celtic Reiki Master with a Second Degree in Equine Reiki. Sarah works with horses and animals around the Mornington Peninsula area. Her work has been successful in settling and balancing her own horses, ponies and other animals, which she now extends for other animals needing support and wellbeing.

Sarah specialises in working with animals participating on animal assisted treatment and learning programs where they need their own access to wellness interventions and recuperation.

Email us – farmers@gadarafarm.com.au with your animal, location and intention for the session and we will get back to you.


Meditation and Yoga

Sarah is a Meditation Practitioner and partners with Josephine Olivia from SHE – Shakti Healing Energy to offer farmers, riders and the community wellbeing.

We focus on Yoga for the physical body on strength and flexibility required for physical work such as farming, riding, gardening etc.

We focus our Meditation and Kundalini Yoga for the mind-body-spirit on internal development and working with the seasons and farm energies for integration and balance.

We offer energies back to our Gadara Farm animals  who work in the animal assisted treatment programs, to the land that supports us, and to the plants that grow to shelter and feed us. So you know our produce is grown with love, and you get to experience a transformative process within yourself and learn meditation and yoga practices you can take home with you.

Email us for further information – farmers@gadarafarm.com.au.

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

 - Masanobu Fukuoka